Gold Bullions

What Are Gold Bullions?

Bullions are gold bars, silver bars, coins and other bars or ingots of precious metals like platinum, silver, gold etc. In other words, it is the form or shape the precious metal will take.

How Do You Determine The Purity of Gold?

The bullions value and purity is determined by how much precious metal it contains which is usually defined by the purity and mass. At Oxford Metals we calculate the purity of gold using the same techniques as other precious metals appraisers. We use the XRF machine which can determine the purity of gold. We also fire assay pure gold from the ground (placer gold, that the gold miners bring to us in order to determine it’s value. Purity is also determined by the mint so for example the 1 ounce of the gold eagle coin is mixed with other alloys to make it more lunar. Not all coins are lunar. Also not all gold coins are pure gold. For example, some coins we carry that are with mixed with other alloys are: the eagle,& Krugerrand. Austrian Phil Harmonic coins are 99% pure gold. Gold bars are also 99.99% pure gold.

How is the Value of Gold Bullions Determined?

Purity and current spot price also determines the value of the gold at that point in time. Much like stocks the value of gold at that time is called the “spot price”. When you buy a gold coin, you will expect to pay a premium above the spot price. Much like anything else in the market, this can all depend on the product or quantity or minted date or rarity of the coin. The spot price represents what countries are exchanging the prices are on paper. Even production rates effect price. Market value is also taken into consider.

Buying & Selling Gold Bullions

Oxford Metal Assaying & Refining does buy and sell gold bullions in our 3 stores located in Alaska: Anchorage, Fairbanks and Nome (Nome has seasonal hours of operation).Investing in Gold Bullions Some people wonder what are the advantages of investing in Gold Bullions? Most people interested in investing in gold do so because of the fact that gold is a universally recognized commodity. Because you are taking physical possession of it, its like moveable property. It can make a great investment for those looking who may not have enough income of cash to invest in larger forms of assets like land or property.

Current Spot Prices

Prices updated every minute