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 Oxford is Alaska's #1 scrap gold buyer and the only local gold refiner in the state.

At Oxford, we buy scrap gold at the best prices on the market. When you sell your gold to us, you are coming directly to the refiner and eliminating the middle man which gives you top dollar for your gold. 

Don't put your gold in a "secure envelope" and mail it off the lower 48 hoping for a fair deal. Come to one of our locations and get top dollar while keeping your business local.  Don't forget, we also offer gold for sale if you are in the market to begin investing in buying precious metals. 

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Buy Scrap Gold Alaska

We buy all forms of scrap gold from 10 karat to 24 karat jewelry, no matter the condition. Some forms of gold that we buy include but not limited to, yellow, white, and dental.


We Buy Scrap Gold & Coins

 Gold for Sale

Gold is at an all-time high, now is the time to sell your unwanted scrap gold, coins or have us mint gold bars. We accept ALL gold no matter the condition or country it came from.


Listed below are common gold coins Oxford buys:


•American Eagle

•American Buffalo

•Canadian Maple Leaf

•Chinese Pandas

•Australian Nuggets & Kangaroos

•Austrian Philharmonic

•Austrian Ducats

•Mexican Pesos

•South African Krugerrands


If your coin is not listed above but is gold, we will buy it at top dollar.

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